Monday, 7 November 2011

Mulatto by Ashley Domique Mitchell Martin Lees

Do you know what it's like to be apart of two races?
Dealing with people about their cases,
Or trying so hard to put on two faces?
So you try to replace the dread in your heart,
Swallowing your pride and tearing the two apart.

But each time it gets harder because of their growing hate,
White's thinking Black's dumb, Black's thinking white's fake.
I'm starting to lose this battle, I'm starting to drown.
It's getting harder for me to tell white from black or brown.
Maybe this is for the best, maybe this is what each race needs...
Does it matter the color of skin when the heart before you bleeds?

Isn't anyone getting sick of harboring these two colors?
Each breath we take, the cause of hatred getting duller.
Being torn by two races, each with an historical stand.
Each one demands respect given by hand.
None of this was planned,
No, not by either man.

Stop this fight, Black and White,
Neither of you are wrong or right.
As I write my insight on this,
Something about the word "together" exists.
Reminisce, Black and White,
Calm down...chill... and let us all be tight.

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