Thursday, 5 January 2012

Deceptions by Anne Fiore

Is this you standing in front of me, the one I have come to love?
Yet you still manage to keep slipping away, another push and another shove.
What if this is nothing more than a relationship for us to retreat?
Nothing more than a meaningless love left incomplete.
Masks cover your face as you begin to lie about what you believe,
If you were out to conquer my heart then you have definitely achieved.
This bitter and endless sound of breaking sounds to close to home,
The days we spent thinking we could never possibly be alone.
But look what you have done in your quest for breaking hearts,
Leaving a grey shade in the air you stumble across in parts.
Deception and never ending lies fill your conversation with meaning,
I'm sick of all of this and I'm sick of the emotion you were screening.
My shoulder was found heavy and drenched with your tears,
How did you not see it, through playing out your fears?
Here I am thinking it was always me, what I was doing wrong,
But as you fall weak it somehow forced me to stand strong.
The ground you would step upon I would always paint red,
And now I can't even find it in myself for tears to shed.
I would starve for you as the time flew further our the door,
It was you I convinced myself and it was love I was sure.
Keep walking because now I release love in a different form,
Anger I guess no longer are you my rainbow behind every storm.
I always thought I had you figured inside and out,
You were nothing more than a shell filled with inner doubt.

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