Friday, 16 September 2011

Let Us Read by Howell Fu

Reading is the ultimate leisure
Lose yourself in its pure pleasure
Words upon words, they bind so tight
Fears, heartaches, and comedies bright
Joys that with steady warmth do glow
Of midnight oil, there burning slow
Precise rules, careful craft, yet limits scarce
Forged amid sweat and headaches fierce
Down the intricate links of their meanings’ chains
With echoes of some unearthly strains
You delighted trip, toward a vision new
So fresh, so strange, so rich, it’s true –
In the still silence, so deeply you.


  1. Dear nonamegirl,

    Because this poet's name is unfamiliar to me, I assume it's some undiscovered poet.
    Most of the rhyme is masculine, so may I suggest use of feminine rhyme for the poet?
    Overall, a very carefully crafted poem that has quite a hint of the classic.


    Ken Stowell

  2. I think its tone is too old-fashioned because of the excessive masculine rhyme.

  3. There's nothing wrong with the classic :) Wordsworth, Shelley, etc. Besides, you'll find your palette often clouded by the cloying sweetness of modern poetry. It's nice to have a change with a classical sounding poem. And it's not TOO old-fashioned. I also think a feminine rhyme may overcomplicate things...

  4. Thanks!
    Well, I do think that classic is used as a positive description for a reason. We all have to develop our skills by learning from the great masters. I'm a 6th former, so definitely still learning, and I reckon it's good to make use of the path already beaten out for me, before going off to explore the frontiers of poetry - you have to GET there first!
    As for masculine rhyme, well, I AM a guy :D