Sunday, 11 September 2011

Whispers by Liza Marie

As I lie here in your sleeping arms
No words spoken
No sound made
Just lying here with you says enough

With your arms around me
Your breath whispering across my face
So warm
Yet so cooling

Your comfort and
Your love surround me
You mean so much to me
I've never felt love so strong

I love looking into your heavenly eyes
But not as much as I love to gaze upon your
angelic face
It fills me up inside
With emotions too great to express

I want to give you my all
Everything I have inside
How can I prove my love to you
Words just aren't enough

You're what I've been waiting for
I've been lonely for so long
But when I'm with you
I know in my heart;
my soul, it was worth the wait

The stillness breaks
Your body awakes
You turn over towards me
Your eyes open

They look into mine
They make me glad to be alive
To breathe the same air as you
To touch you

Your soft lips meet mine
They whisper words I could live forever in
"I love you"
My heart melts

I return your kiss
And the words you speak
I return your love
And all that you've given to me

I love you.

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  1. For a bit of author's context, Liza Marie said:

    One night I was sitting around my house doing some home work and I heard this noise coming out of my sisters room. It sounded like snoring or something! I knew that her boyfriend was over, but they were suppose to be studying together, so I wasn't sure what was going on. So I went back into her room to investigate. When I reached her doorway and peeked in, I wasn't surprised when I found them both asleep on her bed. The moment captured my heart, just to see them cuddling each other. I was inspired to write what I would have felt if I was the one sleeping and holding the one I loved so close...